Responsible for the content: Holger J. Weber, Ole Leifels, advertising photographers


c/o Kubikfoto Studios
Kubikfoto GmbH
Bremer Straße 43
28816 Stuhr (Bremen/Brinkum)


telephone number: +(49) 0 421 / 84 99 66 11


Kubikfoto GmbH – interactivity photography
Seat in Lower Saxony / Stuhr | HRB 205621 (Amtsgericht Walsrode)
CEOs: Ole Leifels, Holger J. Weber
ID DE 814895009


weber/leifels is not just one photographer. No, there are even two phographers and they’re working primarily in the advertising area. Together with their partner, the computer scientist Thorsten Schomburg they also operate the Kubikfoto Studios, a company that specializes in the creation of ‘Kubikfotos’: interactive, photo- and video-based online-campaigns and adventure worlds (